Junior MTB Off site rides

When a junior group goes away from Cyclopark for their session on a Saturday morning, the time they get back to the park can vary depending on where they go. You should be notified in advance so you know all the details. There are several items that every rider MUST carry with them (in a small rucksack).

Spare inner tube

A drink and some snacks

Clothing appropriate for the weather

Sun cream (if sunny &/or windy)

Some money in case there is a stop at a Cafe (this will only be confirmed at the beginning of the ride)

Please make sure that a bike check is carried out a couple of days beforehand as this ensures a smoother ride and limits our time dealing with problems that should have been dealt with during the week.

Parents are encouraged to ride with the junior group as we require sufficient adult helpers to ensure the safety of the ride. Bikes are usually available to hire from the park if you don’t own one or find it hard to get all the bikes loaded onto the car! Please talk to the coach to see what’s involved, it’s probably not as hard as you think.

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