Mountain Biking

Please be aware that helmets and long fingered gloves must be worm during the sessions. We currently have one group, but hope to expand this soon so there are groups available depending on the riders ability/age. A range of coached sessions and local off road rides will be provided throughout the year.

Analysis of Cycling Techniques – Power Assisted Front Wheel Lift

Start in seated position with your weight towards the rear of the saddle

  • Apply a powerful pedal stroke with your lead foot, just before the obstacle
  • Pull back with your shoulders and lower back
  • Keep your arms straight and weight back, pushing your weight through the back of the saddle
  • Lift your head as you pull back
  • Twist your arms like revving a motorbike for extra pull
  • Keep your rear brake covered. If you go too far back, feather the brake to avoid looping-out

Group practice – Power assisted front wheel lift

Rear wheel lift demonstrations

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