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Request from Bruce at Southborough & District Wheelers VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO MARSHAL AT NATIONAL TROPHY CYCLO-CROSS at CYCLOPARK Saturday 11th or Sunday 12th DecemberOn the 11th and 12th December the club takes on the organisation of our biggest race to date, with over 600 riders over two days.Please could we ask your help to volunteer to Marshal (if you have not already). It promises to be an incredible weekend of racing, with the best Cyclo-cross riders from all over the UK coming to Cyclopark. Lots of our members will be racing – so plenty of familiar faces to cheers on.We also creating a bit of Belgium in the heart of the race with Local Brewery – Titsy Brewing Co with their beer tent, Real Belgian Fries and a sound system. The course is all but built, thanks to our members who have help volunteer their time to help with this.If you (or your child) are intending to race – there are still places in all the age categories. From a organisation point of view it would be better to volunteer on the day you are NOT racing.Please email to register your interest – please include your mobile number and preferred day to marshal. See MoreSee Less
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Unfortunately our club has some bad news to share.Our new clubhouse was broken into around 2am this morning, Sunday 17th October.Despite extensive security measures the perpetrators overcame the steel shutters, broke through the rear door and ignored the intruder alarm.Four club bikes have been taken suggesting the crime was committed by a number of individuals, either making their escape by push bike or large vehicle.Obviously this is an awful blow for the club, not only financially but emotionally. If anyone locally knows of anything about the crime, however small please contact Suffolk Police in the first instance. If residences local to the Hayman Road/Clapgate lane area have any CCTV or smart doorbell footage that may be useful from the time of the incident, can we urge you to share this with the police also.Obviously as a club we will be reviewing our security measures, but there will always be a limit to how far we can realistically secure our track, clubhouse and property. We are a charity and strive to provide the best opportunities for our local community, which includes being able to provide hire bikes for those that would be unable to participate otherwise.Please make the following bikes too hot to handle:2021 GT Mach One Cruiser2021 GT Mach One Expert2021 GT Mach One JuniorFree Agent Limo Pro All the GT bikes are in a distinctive metallic blue colour with yellow stickers. The Free Agent is white with red decals and had been kindly donated to the club.Early estimates put the cost of the break in around £3000+ which is money that the club now has to raise just to maintain the status quo. We have created our own gofundme page in order to help recover some of our losses. Please help if you can here: goes without saying; crimes like this have a huge knock on effect, impacting the hard working volunteers at the club, its members and the wider community. Ipswich BMX Club are determined not to allow this event to stop us moving forward. See MoreSee Less
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