World BMX report

Today didn’t go quite as Elsa wanted. She had an unbeaten run to the finals through motos, 1/8ths, quarters and semis and she felt good. The final though didn’t go smoothly as she got shut down on the start hill and then found herself battling for positions. She worked hard all the way round the track to make it back from 7th, or even 8th to 4th.

She knows that W4 is still a good result but she hoped for and wanted more.

I totally understand her disappointment and have and will let her go through her emotions. I did, however, remind her that firstly there are a lot of people leaving without a World plate and secondly, you can probably count on a hand or two the number of people who can say they have had a World plate five years in a row or that can say they have won two E plates and two W plates in the same year.

And she is still smiling.


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