London BMX – Round 4

Race Report : London Bmx Race Series : Round 4

Hello Race fans! Sorry for the delay posting. Was hoping to type this up this afternoon but got stuck afk. But no news is good news and we’ve got great news!

This round was at the Olympic venue Lee Valley Velopark. It’s kinda like Cyclopark but not as good ????
All jokes aside it’s a lovely venue with a velodrome, bmx and mtb circuit all in walking distance of each other. So it is a great place to dip your toe into BMX racing and alongside the regulars we were lucky to have Enzo (and family) join us for a day racing. We all rocked up pretty early at the venue and set up base camp at the top of the 3rd berm. Nice view of most of the track from there but crucially closer to the toilets in the velodrome ????

Racing this round were your Group 3 favourites. Jacob, Harry, Akhyn, Noah and Isabella. From Group 2 “old man racing” decided to spin his wheels (that’s me). And from Group 3 our fav elite riders Ollie and Kana representing H.O.T. Racing too. Last but not least we had a very special guest Megan join the gang as well. Wow what a turn out.

Hackney Bmx club did a great job all day and once warm up and gate practice was completed the racing just flew by. It is a bit of a tricky circuit. The first straight is uphill and a few riders struggled keeping up their momentum, I certainly did. The experience gained in the Novice racing is clearly making a difference however. All our Group 3 racers were able to traverse the circuit and compete really well. Honestly how the little ones made it around is truly impressive. Megan and Enzo blasted away and it was fantastic to have them racing with the team. Ollie and Kana, as always, inspired us all with their speed and skill. Come the finals there were some great results. In fact some riders of the club went 1st in every race. More importantly though everyone seemed to give 100% throughout the day and that’s all anyone can ask. Well that and having a lot of fun, we did that too ????

Thanks to all who attended. To Jay for his words of encouragement to all and to Kana for explaining and showing me how to take the first straight. Set me up for a good lap dude, no crashing this time ????

PS I’ve got no photos coz I was racing, please feel free to share ????

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